Last updated 2010-05-18

I have always had a strong desire to learn to sail, but have always believed that it is the domain of the rich. However, during 2002 I discovered that sailing can be had very cheaply in this area. For US$ 300 I managed to buy a Laser, a 4,2 m single-handed yacht, two life-jackets and a year's membership at Pretoria Sailing Club. My boat is based at Rietvlei Dam, in a nature reserve only ten minutes from my house.

Sailing has much in common with flying, and I've delighted in using some of the skills acquired in two decades of flying to make the boat move in the slightest wind. There is still a lot to learn, but at least I managed to complete my first race in variable wind, with a total of five minutes' instruction!

Alas, Pretoria is the least windy city in South Africa. I've had to reverse my tendencies acquired through more than two decades of flying and owning tall towers, and have actually started wishing for more wind, rather than less!

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