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About this Web site

I'm a hearing person. I love music, I enjoy amateur radio, I'm fascinated by languages. Writing is one of my favourite pastimes, and few things give me more enjoyment than reading a bit of good prose.

I'm not a visual person. I don't own a TV, almost never go to the movies, and am almost invariably disappointed when I do.

Get to the point, I hear you say. OK, OK: The creation of these pages is being squeezed into an ultra-busy schedule, and I'm using a simple DOS editor to do it. It will probably load like lightning, but it does not contain any fancy graphics or design. There are millions of sites on the Internet that contain fancy graphics, and if that's what you want, you probably want to find one of those and enjoy.

This site contains some interesting information, a few snippets about myself and my pastimes, and maybe even a few unsolicited opinions.

There are great plans for this site, but because of the commitments that you'll read about in these pages, I'm not very hopeful that they will come to fruition quickly. Please bear with me; I'll keep adding stuff intermittently, and maybe it will look better on your next visit.

I trust you'll enjoy spending a few minutes with me. If you don't, the best I can do is to recommend a good search engine. You're bound to find sites with great graphics out there!

About me

I live in South Africa's Gauteng province, near the city of Pretoria. I have a tiny house on a hilltop southeast of the city, where I spend a few hours each night. I even get some sleep occasionally. I turned 35 in 1999. Now that I've used half of my allotted three-score years and ten, I must certainly be going downhill. I can feel it already; there's no doubt that the pace has been picking up!

Afrikaans is my mother tongue, but I speak fluent broken English and some not-so-fluent broken German. I also speak enough Italian to help myself with accommodation, transport and food (probably the most important thing in Italy!), and can navigate my way around most of the other western European languages with some arm-waving.

I'm an electronic engineer by training, and studying part time. I enjoy music, mainly classical, and reading and writing. I'm involved part-time as a volunteer pilot with the SA Air Force, and with a local church. I also enjoy writing. For more than a decade, I ran a flying school. I eventually sold the school, and am gradually adjusting to the idea of having a bit of descretionary time again.

I try to look after myself, and despite my hectic schedule I try to make time for enough exercise and relaxation. I eat mainly vegetarian, although I occasionally indulge in a little chicken or cheese. Yeah, I know it's not the greatest, but it certainly goes down well!

You can find more about some of the things I keep myself busy with, by clicking on the relevant link:



Chris the Radio Ham

Chris the Pilot

Chris the Linguist

Chris the Sailor

Chris the Engineer

Chris the Athlete

Chris the Student

Chris the Music Lover

Chris the Bookworm

Chris the Traveller

Chris's Dad

Stuff to Chew On

I've included a few short musings on various subjects that I've thought and read about over the years. Perhaps you'll find them as useful as I have.

About People, a short piece on how people view things differently. It may help you to understand your own quirks a little better, or perhaps to understand others' preferences too.

Places to visit in Gauteng, a historical background on South Africa and a list of places you may want to see if you visit South Africa's Gauteng Province. The history includes some amazing parallels with history in other parts of the world.

The Dating Game, a piece on date formats that are easy to file and easy to understand, without the ambiguity that most formats suffer from. It's hosted on my ham radio site.

About Musical Tastes, a fanciful look at why people like the music they do. Is it perhaps a case of being indoctrinated at the right age?

Getting to know me, a quiz that reveals everything about my innermost being.

A story or two

There's a small collection of narratives on this Site, some home-brew and some stolen from other sources. The Eclipse and Tornado stories are especially memorable.

A quiz or two

You can also find the beginnings of a collection of fun quizzes on this Site.

If you don't find the info you're looking for, or you want to tell me something, you can contact me by email. Use my first name's initial, at the name of this domain.

Soli Deo Gloria!